Custom attributes on ECM / UI types as meta-type description?


I'd like to be able to define custom attributes/properties on my ECM/UI doc types.

As of today I understand that it is not possible.

Nuxeo guys and other folks, does it make sense for you? Is it something that could be made available ?



I've not been clear. It's all fine to create/override schemas on doc types and Nuxeo really shines in this.

But I'm wondering if it is possible to extend the vocabulary to describe a type : to have custom attributes at meta-type definition level.

Something like that:

 <type id="Folder">


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It seems to be possible.

Extract from : "You may need to override an existing schema defined by Nuxeo. As usual, this possible and you have to contribute a schema descriptor with same name. But you must also add an override parameter with value "true"."

I think it is easiest to use our own schemas than nuxeo almost for maintenance reasons. But you should be able to (if I have well understand your question).


Manuek is right - in fact this type of customization is the raison d'etre of Nuxeo. And if you don't want to have to hand code XML then there is always the option to use Studio to define new schemas, document types, UI presentations and much more.

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I'd corrected my question, if you have any ideas..