Nuxeo 5.8 Regression on Login As - Logout and set temporary ACL


On Nuxeo 5.6 I had a code that worked.

Context : a folder fofo where a user Auser had'nt any rights. I used an automation chain

  1. User&group>login as Administrator
  2. set temporary acl “mycustom” on this folder fofo to this user Auser.
  3. Logout from Administrator
  4. Auser create a doc fofodoc in fofo
  5. Login as Administrator
  6. add some ACL on fofodoc to Auser
  7. remove temporary acl “mycustom” from Auser on fofo
  8. Logout from Administrator

On Nuxeo 5.8 this SAME code doesn't work anymore. It said 2 messages :

  • caused by: org.nuxeo.ecm.automation.OperationException: Failed to invoke operation Auth.Logout
  • caused by: org.nuxeo.ecm.core.api.DocumentSecurityException: Privilege 'Read' is not granted

So the code stopped directly after the first set ACL to true and Auth.Logout…

Is this a bug or new process in nuxeo 5.8 appeared ?

My only solution was to :

  1. grant ACL on “local” and not “mycustom” ACL for fofo with “NO overwite”
  2. then remove ACL on “local” “with overwrite” on fofo
  3. set acl on docfofo “with NO OVERWRITE”
  4. not removing any special ACL because custom ACL not working, just “local” works with all this special option on overwrite and not overwrite

thanks in advance

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