Nuxeo starting - array index out of range

Hi, I have problem with starting nuxeo instance. Earlier I didn't have this problem, and i started nodes without any problems. Now i want to start nuxeo 7.10-Hf09,and I'm getting such error(?)

Detected Tomcat server.
Nuxeo home:          /opt/BPODrive/instance/nuxeo_v2
Nuxeo configuration: /opt/BPODrive/instance/nuxeo_v2/bin/nuxeo.conf
Include template: /opt/BPODrive/instance/nuxeo_v2/templates/common-base
Include template: /opt/BPODrive/instance/nuxeo_v2/templates/common
Cannot execute command. Array index out of range: 1`

What can I do about this problem? On other node I have version working with almost same configuration and files

Edit. I tried newer version (hotfix) of nuxeo, and still the same

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Well i made it work.. I ended up creating new node, and thereā€¦ everything worked perfectly!

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