Why does answers.nuxeo.com reject my VeriSign openID?

I am trying to set up openID as an authentication method, and it refuses to accept my VeriSign OpenID.


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FYI, answers.nuxeo.com is powered by OSQA.
They have a Wiki, an issue tracker, email lists, online chat and of course their own questions & answers site. Feel free to refer/report on those for common usage questions or issues.

Did you finally succeed to sign in with your OpenID?


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Thank you so much for the information. I was wondering where to find help for these questions, but this helps greatly!

I realized that I never answered your question. I was able to log in through PIP One-Click, although I wish I could use my launchpad OpenID. Is it a setting to allow only google and myOpenID?

No specific setting at all, certainly not restricting any OpenID provider. That's maybe an OSQA issue…

It seems that the answer I came to was that nuxeo does not support the VeriSign open ID, and I have to use the PIP One-click method of signing in. If I find out why, I will post more.

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Thanks for the feedback.

Hi Ben, this as actually happened to some of us and disappear after a short amount of time. I don't really know why and can't reproduce it easily.

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Is it because it only supports a small number of OpenID sources?

It seems that there are only a couple OpenID sources hard coded into OSQA, which would point people towards using AnswerHub for full SSO compatibility. There have been open tickets in their issues since 2012 about using launchpad SSO and UbuntuSSO which have yet to be patched in.

Hope this helps others.