Automation Operation context in Studio and Java

I want to create a context variable using Studio automation operation and read/write them with a Java class generated via the IDE.

Also, I would like to create an operation context variable in JAVA and read/write them in a Studio automation operation.

References to code examples are ok, I haven't been looking in the correct places….:-/

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You have here source code examples of default operations available in studio. You can look around there are more other operations.

About your question to get the Operation context, you just have to ask to automation to inject into your operation:

protected OperationContext ctx;

And get your value from this object.


I'm not sure to understand the second part of your question. Anyway I hope with our example, it will be fine.

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The ctx.put("myValue", value) I found in answers my second questions.

As always thanks for the quick answer!