How to get the value of the life cycle state in an automation chain ?


I want to set a field of a document with the current value of its life cycle state.

In the studio I use a context variable in an automation chain and these three operations :

  • Fetch > Context Document(s)
  • Execution Context >Set Context Variable
  • Document > Update Property

The value I want could be “ecm:currentLifeCycleState”, but it does not work.

Maybe I can use this fonction : “getCurrentLifeCycleState()“, but I do not know the synthaxe…

Can somebody help me ?

PS : I work in 5.6

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OK, thank you !

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the value to specify should be @{Document.lifeCycle}. You can click on the icon next to value's input to open the Expression Editor than can help you build expressions. See also Nuxeo documentation Use of MVEL in Automation Chains

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