Not able to change state of document to previous state


Not able to change document state to previous.

Below is the configuration: [Life Cycle states: Start<--->Process<--->Published] [Workflow impementation -> Automation Chains (Fetch > Context.FetchDocument => Document > Document.FollowLifecycleTransition [Values: Start, Process, Publised accordingly])]

On trying to change state from Process to Start getting below error: chain * Name: LifeCycle_process Exception: OperationException Caught error: Failed to invoke operation Document.FollowLifecycleTransition with aliases [Document.SetLifeCycle] Caused by: org.nuxeo.ecm.core.api.LifeCycleException: Not allowed to follow transition

Hierarchy calls


Please suggest how can we change the document state to previous state.

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Start, Process and Published seem to be lifecycle states

What transitions are defined ?

For instance, in the default lifecycle, transition from deleted to project is called undelete, approved to project is called backToProject, etc.


Start, Process and Published are defined. I am able to change states from State to Process and Process to Published. Not able change state back i.e. from Process to Start as system throws "Not allowed to follow transition Staged from state Process"

it seems it is a custom lifecycle. You should dump the lifecycle extension point I mentionned.