Can I set the Current Life Cycle State to 'approved' using studio?

I am using studio on version 5.5. I want to update a document life cycle state to 'approved' but do not want to use the Document > Follow Life Cycle Transition operation to achieve this.

I assume I can use the Document > Update Properties operation to chenge the Current Life Cycle State but I do not know how to reference the Current Life Cycle State of the current document.

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CoreSession#followTransition() is the only high level API to change the lifecycle state of a document.

CoreSession#reinitLifeCycleState(docref) allows to set the lifecycle state to the default value defined in the lifecycle

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You will have to create your own operation with Nuxeo IDE with this method call


To sum up, you'd like to keep the Nuxeo current cycle state but without the first step “Project”?

In this case, import the Nuxeo DM Default configuration template into your studio (“import” button on the top left) and update the life cycle state “default” at your convenience. Nuxeo “default” life cycle will be overridden.

Or you can choose to create a custom life cycle state and attach it to your documents. “Content Model”>“Life Cycle State”

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