How to add 'Nodes' to a running workflow?

Hi Everyone,

I am new to Nuxeo platform and trying to get my head around it. I have a Simple workflow with just one 'Approve' node between Start and Stop. I am trying to add more nodes (linked to Approve node) on the fly after the workflow is started but not able to do so. (The use case is, that user should be able to add more tasks to his assigned task)

Tried everything from reinitializing life cycle state to restarting the workflow using “WorkflowModel.BulkRestartInstances” but still get the error No node with id: subnode1 in graph: org.nuxeo.ecm.platform.routing.core.impl.GraphRouteImpl@7a595def[AmsSimpleWorkflow.19903736817168]

My question is, IS that even possible? Can I modify a running workflow? If yes, could somebody point me in right direction?

Thanks a lot in advance !!

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Afsar, could you describe more the exact functional use case you want to achieve ? Adding nodes on the fly isn't the way to go with Nuxeo workflow, but there are some ways of doing "loops" base don variables values filled at previous node. Please better describe your workflow.

Hi Afsar, I'm pretty sure you should be allowed to modify your workflow even if its running, especially since you've reinitialized it as well. The only thing I'm wondering is if your subnode1 is properly placed in your workflow to recognize it. Could you also include a screenshot of the workflow? The only other ideas I have are to make sure you've updated Platform with your studio changes by hitting the Update button from the Admin section (you might need to restart your server after that to see the changes). Try this if you haven't done this yet, but if you're still having problems, see if you can post a screenshot of your workflow to make sure everything is alright. Hope for the best!

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