Using Nuxeo for Bill Management

Hello Team,

I am a computer science student and I found your platform and I would like to learn how to use it by implementing some things with it. For my first project, I wanted to try to build a system that tracks bills. So I created a schema for a Bill, which contains some metainformation (Company name, amount, date issued). I also created a workflow where bills need to be approved and the marked as paid (with the states “initial”, “approved” and “paid”).

I have two questions so far. First, is it possible to start the workflow automatically on creating a bill? Because if a bill is uploaded, but someone forgets to start the workflow, then it will not be paid and it will not show up as a task.

The other question is if it is possible to do some parametric searches in the web UI. For example, to search for all bills coming from, say, Amazon. Or something like that.

Cheers, -Patrick

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  • You can trigger automatically a workflow on any Nuxeo event, using Event Handlers in Nuxeo Studio
  • Searches can be executed on any property, with any predicate Regards,
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