How do Nuxeo handle one-to-many or many-to-many associations?


I'm evaluating Nuxeo for the purpose of building our internal system. So far the platform is very impressing.

I've got a question. Say I created a document type “case”, which has many fields like reference number, etc. Then I have document type “contact”, which also has many fields.

Now, I want to associate case with contact. One case has many contacts, and plays different roles. For example, the case may has a “business contact” who is Tom, two “billing contact"s who is Jason and Jimmy. One contact may associate with many cases, but that does not interest me at this time. In a word, a single direction one-to-many relation.

Let's say there are huge number of cases and contacts. I would like the user being able to search from the contacts to associate with a case when creating / editing the case. Also I wish the user will see the content of the contact when viewing case, not an ugly contact ID.

Since I am very new in developing Nuxeo, any help is very much appreciated. Just point to me some concepts and directions….

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Well as I dig deeper into the platform, relation to another document can be stored in a string field. Use the widget “single document suggestion” to handle the edit / display of the field. On edit, the widget shows a text input, with a few characters input the widget will search for a resulting document to save as value. On display, a link to the document is shown.

This kind of solved my question half way.

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