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Recently we have migrate our Nuxeo 5.5 to 10.10 and we have create custom permissions. We have add group associate to this permission on the default-domain's folder with the heritance.

I tried to create a document in a folder under default-domain's folder in the Web UI but i obtain this message : You do not have permissions to create under this location.

When i tried to do this in command line i obtain : {“entity-type”:“exception”,“status”:403,“message”:“Privilege 'AddChildren' is not granted to 'user'“}

This problem arrived on few folder but many works fine. These are all folders created before the migration.

The user has this permissions on the folder:

            <permission name="ReadWriteRemoveUnlock">

If i create a new folder next to the other, i can create documents in it. The permissions on this folders are the same. The permissions are herited from the default-domain's folder.

And finally, with a user who has permission “Everything”, he don't have this problem.

So I don't know what to do. The only solution i found is to recreate each folders that have this permission's problem.

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Hello, can you please indicate if you're using Nuxeo JSF UI of Nuxeo Web UI? Thx

Hello, i found the solution.

The folders was locked but i've seen that in the JSF UI with the padlock's icon next to the folders. I did'nt see anything in the Web UI that could tell me what these folders were locked.


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