Privilege 'Read' is not granted to 'username' when validating a workflow

I'm using Nuxeo IDE 7.10 and I'm trying to set a workflow on documents , i've done this:

  • Create document (type : File)

  • Add Serial workflow

  • i've noticed that Edit permission is granted by Workflow

  • When connecting as the participant user to validate the document i'm getting Privilege 'Read' is not granted to 'username'

  • For Serial review, I've noticed that although there is an exception, the document is validated and i don't see it in tasks anymore, this is not the case for Parallel review.

  • Also when granting Edit permission to the user i'm not getting any Exception, but i think since Edit permission is granted by Workflow i don't need to grant another and the user should have the Read permission.

  • Or at least, the participant should get this message as an alert message not as an Exception .

  • I've tried this with my custom documents and i'm having the same Exception, am I missing some settings ?

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