Operation mode for workflow in nuxeo 5.6 doesn't work in parallel mode.


When i build a participants assignation in an accept/reject node in a workflow in studio, by default, the validation process works in graph mode, that's to say serial validation, so the order of validation participants can be changed.

In a second time, when i import my workflow in nuxeo, there is an option in the admin center/workflow then tab “modify” in the workflow tabs, at the bottom of the options page, there is a list where you can choose between “graph, serial, or parallel” operation mode for the workflow.

When choosing graph option, the workflow works well, but it operates in serial mode. Every time I try parallel mode (the way i nedd to operate my workflow) then the workflow doesn't appear in my workflows list for the document i want to submit with. What is the problem with this operate mode option in my nuxeo ?


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Actually this widget should not be displayed at all, as the execution mode in 5.8 is “graph”. “Serial” and “parallel” modes are deprecated since 5.6 and are a legacy coming from the first implementation of content routing when it was designed for Nuxeo Case Managment ( also deprecated now). So changing the execution type doesn't do anything as the workflow as produced by Studio is of type “graph” and can't not be modified. You have to build the workflow definition in Studio to match your use case: the parallel execution of the task. Take a look at the Default Parallel workflow in Nuxeo for an example.

I created NXP-13337 to hide this widget.

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