Can we have a parallel and serial nodes in the same content routing workflow (version 5.6)?

In our process, we have a workflow where the tasks are assigned serially. However in one part of the process (not in the start node), two different groups have to work with the same document at the same time. Each group will have a different set of processes (sub-workflows) but the final action will merge into one of the tasks.

For example, Group A will prepare the images and data tables for the document while Group B will continue editing the text. If we do this serially, only one group can work at a time on the document. A parallel branching in one of the nodes and then a merge seems to be a solution.

Is it possible to mix the two (serial and parallel)? If not, could you propose a solution or suggestions? Thank you.

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In the webinar they say that you could make a paralell workflow and then continue with your serial task, look at the example they provide.

Hope it helps

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