Multiple tasks and Node variables

Hi I'm still working on workflow customisation and there is one thing I don t get : I'm okay with workflow and node specific variables, but the special comment variable does not seem to have a studio equivalent : in a multiple task, it holds a value for each reviewer (appearing in the audit log).

How can I have the same kind of behaviour with a custom variable ? Store a node variable and reset it ? :-(

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In order to understand better, you want only to know how to reset a node variable? (note that you have also workflow variable that is propagated through all along your workflow)

For this, I suggest you this little documentation ( to see how to call workflow or node variable to reset it with an automation chain for instance.

And finally, do you have also need information about audit logs?


thanks for your answer

What i would need is a variable attached to the task, not to the node, so that each assignee of the task fills up data associated with his account. Those values could indeed later be attached to the whole workflow or the document itself.

Ex :

We re running multiple instances of the same application for different clients

a new patch is produced

several services have to validate the patch for every client

service "System" invalidates the patch for client A & C
service "RDBMS" invalidates the patch for client B & C

At the end, we know the patch cannot be installed for client A, B & C and why (service(s) that did not validate the patch)

Resetting a node variable could be a solution, although it does not seem very clean to me in terms of concurrency.


Hi Pibou,

Did you finally managed to get through this ?

Actually facing the same issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Cheers!