How can we make parallel workflows without being registered in the Nuxeo Connect?


We are only interested with the free version of Nuxeo and we would need to make serial and parallel workflows. Since we cannot make parallel workflows with the free version, we think that the Nuxeo jBPM would be useful for us.

We have seen that to have the add-on of jBPM we need to be registered in the Nuxeo Connect which would give us more features that we don’t need.

We are a small department and we don’t have enough budget to be registered. For this reason we just want to get the Nuxeo jBPM.

Do you know if it would be possible getting the Nuxeo jBPM without being registered in the Nuxeo Connect? Or how can we make parallel workflows?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Miquel

The JBPM addon, like all the addons on the marketplace whose vendor name is “Nuxeo” is also available on github. Nuxeo is committed to develop open source software :) Nuxeo Marketplace is here to improve user experience by providing an easy mean to install/uninstall a plugin and to browse the catalog of existing plugin.

You can check out and build this project here:

Note that you can also customize the “Content Routing” workflow by end. But indeed, this is a lot of XML and Studio makes it much easier to implement and maintain :-)

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Thanks for your reply.

Since we don't have a computer equipment in our department, we think that this option may be too difficult for us if there is a lot of XML.

Is there any option for us to make parallel workflows in Nuxeo without buying the Studio?