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we (small agency with 10 employees) were evaluating nuxeo over the last days as a future replacement system for our current Alfresco installation. While everything went fine I was wondering about the differences between the subscription and non-subscription version. I was looking for a comparison chart with no result. It would be very helpful for me if someone could guide me through this :)

It is clear for me that without subscription user has no access to the nuxeo studio and nuxeo connect including the marketplace. But does this also means that features like Drive or Adobe Connector will be deactivated after the 30-days trial period? If yes is it possible then to build / install them from the git sources again without subscription? Is there something like free extensions / services from the marketplace which are available without subscription?

Thank you in advance for helping Chris

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As a precision: there are no “free”, “subscription” and “non-subscription” versions of Nuxeo but only one unique Free and Open Source version. Then, there are additional services you can subscribe to.

The use of Nuxeo Studio indeed depends on an active Connect/NOS account.

The Marketplace is publicly accessible (without a subscription); most packages are public, some are restricted to the registered users. See USERDOC/Adding+Features for more details. Drive and Adobe are both public addons so don't worry.
Restricted addons are not deactivated after the 30-days trial period but you don't have access to their upgrades anymore. Yes, it is always possible to build them from the source code.

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In our NGO, we use nuxeo for 5 years without any problem, and without any subscription plan. It's robust and very user friendly.

In the beginning, we do all the changes we needed by hand but it's time consuming and it appears that our users don't need / use the full features packaged with nuxeo. The only expected improvement was the nuxeo-drive.

Now, we are using a stock version alongside a wiki.

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Salut Julien,

thank you for your detailed answer which helped me a lot.

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With the free version nothing mentioned here Nuxeo pricing is available to you. When installing Nuxeo you can sign up for a 30 day trial period of Studio. However the product itself remains functional after this. The trial period is only to show you what you are missing as extra services when you stick to the free version.

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Update: Note that the URL to the pricing information is not publicly available anymore, only via internet archive / wayback machine. http://web.archive.org/web/20160702233214/http://www.nuxeo.com/products/pricing/