Nuxeo OSS - warning message - connect account clarifications needed

I have installed Nuxeo 5.8 and want to see what i can do with the open source version.

There is a persistent message:

This Nuxeo instance is not registered to Nuxeo Connect: you won't be able to get the most recent fixes and stay up to date. 22 hotfix(es) published since this release. Nuxeo version: 5.8. Register and enable Nuxeo Connect to benefit from automatic maintenance.

How can i remove this message and still use the open source version? Does this mean that i am obligated to buy a Nuxeo Connect account in order to use it without this warning? Is it legal to use Nuxeo if a use a trial connect account and it expires? Am I obligated to register to remove the warning? Are the hotfixes not open source?

It is not clear to me how all this works, can anyone provide some clarification please?

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The message only shows to administrators and doesn't prevent you to use the product or get access to the source. Nuxeo Connect is a Nuxeo service that amongst other gives you access to precompiled version of the hotfixes for a given version.

You can remove this message by overriding the nuxeo_footer.xhtml template in your own customization bundle.

A Nuxeo Connect Account is not mandatory to use Nuxeo but gives you access to other tools like Nuxeo Studio that helps you customize you product (defining new types, new layout etc…). You can do that without connect but it requires knowledge of the platform to write your own extension points. Writing xml is nevertheless more painful as pointing and clicking in a web UI.

If your Connect trial is expired, you won't be able to modify you Studio project anymore, but it's ok to still use your Nuxeo installation.

A stated before you can customize Nuxeo to remove the warning message with a customized bundle.

Concerning the hotfixes, they are based on the maintenance branch of nuxeo (for the moment 5.8 branch) and we regulary release the build of this branch as hotfixes. The repo is then tagged with the hotfix version and bundled as a Markeplace package containing only the changed bundles. So, as all the code is accessible via Github under LGPL2 license, hotfixes are opensource.

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thank you very much Damien, i think i get it now :), the only thing is that in my installation the warning is show even to non admins