How can I connect to Studio in my DM with my specified instance?

I've created my Nuxeo connect account through the link in the DM Nuxeo center, but when I come back and type in my registered account, I can't get through it. There's always a warning reads that “Wrong login/password or no associated project found on Connect”. Besides, how can I relate my instance in the DM with the Studio?

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Normally there is no more other things of what you just try. You seem to have a connexion trouble to the connect server from your Nuxeo instance.

Is the Nuxeo is protected by a proxy? Have you something special on your Network that will explain this connexion trouble.

You can check logs to see if Nuxeo gives you more detail about connexion problem. I let you check this answer to understand how to check logs.

And if you want to have more information, you can ask to Log4j. I suggest you to activate debug on org.nuxeo.connect package. If you have too much debug information you can affine to a child package.

You can then share what you found as comment into this answer item :D We will try to help you…

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