Nuxeo Central Repository accees - Maven usage for LTS 2021


According to this page , to access to nuxeo nexus repository we need to create a support ticket to request access.

So when I go to my account (Okta account), I don't see where I can create a ticket and when I go to jira to create a ticket, by connecting with SSO, I got a 403 statut exception (see attached).

I want to have access to nuxeo nexus for my developpement but unable to create a ticket and I am stuck.

Can anyone know how can I create a support ticket in the right way ?

Thanks a lot

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Access to support is restricted to people who contracted a Hyland Nuxeo License. If you have such license, you should contact your Hyland sales representative or Customer Success Manager to request access to the support and explanation about how to do so, they will guide you through that.

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