Display of dates in the web-ui interface


I encounter an anomaly in the display of dates using the web-ui interface. The dates displayed are in an English format although the rest of the interface is in French which is the language of the browser. The attached screenshot shows this in different situations

This bug was reproduced using a Nuxeo Windows 10 server and Linux Debian 10.8 with the following versions :

  • Nuxeo 11.4 and Web-ui (3.0.0, 3.0.1, 3.1.0-rc23)
  • Nuxeo LTS 2021.1 (3.02)

On the client application side, the following browsers in the latest versions have been used:

  • Mozilla Firefox 86 for Windows and Linux
  • Microsoft Edge 88
  • Google Chrome 88

I'm testing Nuxeo as part of a study project. I don't have a Jira account so I can't report this problem.

Have a good day,

Jean-Christophe LE CAM

FILES:   NuxeoWeb-UI.png
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Hello Jean-Christophe,

I've been able to reproduce your issue, and you are right saying there is a change between 10.10 and LTS2021 / 11.X. I've created a JIRA ticket for the Nuxeo Web UI team, and I'll let you know when the fix will be available.

Thanks for your contribution and investigations.

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