Nuxeo Custom Plugin Loading Issue in Linux

We customized Nuxeo and tested it over windows. Our custom plugin in NUXEOHOME/nxserver/plugins works perfectly fine in windows. When we tried to start Nuxeo on Linux with our custom plugin in NUXEOHOME/nxserver/plugins, Nuxeo starts fine but it does not reflect our customization.

Apparently, Nuxeo failed to load our plugin on Linux.

We are following the following documentation:

We are using Nuxeo 5.6-RC2.

We are stuck. Please help!

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What error(s) do you see in the logs? And maybe you should be following more recent documentation :-)

I see the regular Nuxeo start up logs. No errors; nothing.

Bruce, even the latest documentation,

tells the same story about Nuxeo setup on Linux.


Probably not much to do with Windows vs Linux.

Did you define your dependency correctly? (<require>)

Nuxeo component loading in not deterministic. Component may load in a specific order, and may load in a different order at another time (if you add, remove component, different os, etc.).

The best way to avoid it is to set the <require> tag either in your deployment-fragment.xml file or in your component-definition-files.xml (those described in MANIFEST.MF).

If you are overriding specific component, make sure you add the <require>the-overriden-or-extended-component-name</require> right after the opening <component> tag.

If you need another contribution (those where the name is visible in AdminCenter/Information/Nuxeo distribution), then add the <require>the-overriden-or-extended-component-name</require> in your deployment-fragment.xml file.

Hope this helps.


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Yes, there was an issue with the plugin. The ANT script we have made for the plugin generation put deployment-fragment.xml in the wrong folder. Thanks Patrek for your detailed answer :) that was helpful indeed.