Changes/Limitations in 5.6 paging control?

I am in the process of testing the upgrade of a big data set from 5.3.2 to 5.6. The data migration went smoothly, the app loads with customizations, and most everything works as expected.

However, I have noticed that the paging control isn't always working. I have a custom folder type (folder with a few additional fields) that contains anywhere from a few to thousands of folders. The paging control works fine when the number of objects in the custom folder type is less than 200 (approximate) but when there are more all I see in the control is the page number and the page forward icon - the page to end is always grayed.

Is there any kind of artificially set default limit on paging?

Any other ideas?

Thanks, Bruce.

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Ok, had some more time to look at this - the dividing line is exactly 200 to 201 items. With 200 items paging works as expected. Add one more document and paging doesn't work. Delete the extra doc and once again paging works.

Doesn't work in what way?

With more than 200 items items i see the following << < 1 > >>

The >> is always gray. I don't see the number of available pages - with 50 items per page and 201 items I should see << < 1/5 > >>, and the >> should be active.


This is a feature :) in fact there is now a bypass about pagination. For a request that return too many documents nuxeo don't calculate the number of pages. You can configure locally the bypass value into the core query and so into the content view. Or globally for all requests:

I let you look the section “the content view query” and more particularly the part that starts by “the optional max”

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Thanks - i knew there would be a simple answer!

Here's the specific setting that addresses my concern. Specifically, setting no limit like was the default in 5.3.2 :-0

DEFAULT_NAVIGATION_RESULTS: Used by most of the navigation page provider, the default is 200 and it can be overridden using Java options:

JAVA_OPTS=$JAVA_OPTS -Dorg.nuxeo.ecm.platform.query.nxql.defaultNavigationResults=0
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