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In a project I am working on, a huge number of folders are created directly at top level. This makes the utility of the standard folder navigation tree practically zero. Therefore I want to disable this navigation tree and only use a custom search page and a custom virtual navigation tree.

I already found how to disable the default virtual navigation trees “bySubjectsNavigation” and “byCoverageNavigation”, by setting them to false in the DirectoryTreeService extension point.

However, I cannot find how to disable the folder tree navigation. Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance, Pieter

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In Nuxeo 5.6 this cannot be disabled by configuration. In Nuxeo 5.7 (NXP-11368) this has been made configurable.

To disable it in Nuxeo 5.6 you would have to override the MultiNavTreeManager bean to change getAvailableNavigationTrees() to return only those you want.

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Thanks for your answer Florent. In that case it makes more sense to wait for 5.7, which will hopefully come out soon :-)

A Nuxeo 5.7.1 Fast Track release will come out this month. See Release Cycle Changes = More Agility for Nuxeo Customers for more on the release cycle.