Eclipse-style decorations

We are working on an application which adds quite a bit of metadata to documents. We think it would benefit user to have a feedback on some of those metadata in the Nuxeo navigation tree and the various content views used by Nuxeo.

When I write “decoration” you can imagine I want to graphically decorate an displayed item with additional information like the various team providers in Eclipse are doing.

We don't believe overriding the source of the default navigation tree is something that should be done, and overriding each content view layouts of Nuxeo to replace it by our own is clearly not something that can be done.

I can imagine a way to insert a custom renderer per document types, facet or schemas, to render content view lines, and navigation tree nodes.

What is the position of Nuxeo on this? Is it something planned or is there a mechanism that totally escapes me that I could use?

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I'd see it mostly on icons, that could give visual clues about status or other. Could also be used to mark url (color, bold, add icons next to it, whatever).

Could be on document type (but that mostly the actual behavior), but also on facet present, workflow status, version number.

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Sorry to catch up so late.

With the Studio feature allowing to design new tabs, we're adding more configurability to UI elements. And what you're describing is definitely something we would like to be able to do.

Also we've been starting to add features to be able to build layouts incrementally (by allowing actions - with their ordering and filtering features - to display widgets), that's how the default summary layout is defined in version 5.6.

For now we've been trying to organize tabs content using layouts/widgets features, and we are planning on extending their control over the whole page, by adding new widget types like a “tab widget type”, displaying tabs of a given category of actions, or a “tree widget type”, displaying the tree.

Now i'm not sure how you would imagine this “decoration” feature to apply to a given element on the page (whether you'd like to control this per document type, per page, per layouts/actions /filters configurations…) but suggestions are welcome.

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