Creating document types from XML Schema


Anyone out there have experience leveraging Nuxeo's various XML schema referencing/importing mechanisms? Specifically:

  • I have my own XSD file that contains many complexTypes and elements. i want to make a Nuxeo 'Document' that either is a type of one of the types in that file or contains elements of types in that file.
  • In this scenario, does one lose the ability to use Nuxeo Studio create/edit/view forms? I get the feeling unless you use the Nuxeo Studio schema editor, you're outta luck.


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yay! Answering my own question :-)

In experimentation, I had some semantic issues with my original external schema. Notably, it was an “empty” element with only xs:attribute declarations, e.g.:

Changing this schema to the following worked:

   <xs:element name="foo" type="xs:string" />
    <xs:element name="bar" type="xs:string" />

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Hi russtrotter, where in the nuxeo install do the custom created xsd files go? I'm only finding the temporary copies in the directory tree.

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