Inherited schema's complex lists not available in content view results selection listing

I have a schema which contains two complex lists, several simple types and no simple lists.

This schema is inherited by a document that has no non-inhertied schema.

Setting up Creation, View, Edit and Summary layouts I see the inherited complex lists and can use them.

I'm trying to build a content view which contains a complex query on one of the complex lists in the document which uses one of the inherited schema mention above. Studio does not allow me to view or use the inherited complex lists. The inherited schema are not in the drop-down list in the results tab.

All of the inherited simple types are visible and usable.

Is this proper operation for content views? I'm running v5.5 Nuxeo CAP/DM and Studio is set to V5.5 DM.



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Are you talking about the search layout configuration, or the result columns configuration?

Results columns.

Indeed complex types are not available for result selection on Studio 2.5, i'm not sure how and when it will be made available since this is potentially bad for performance: users should not be encouraged to display complex types in result columns.

But you can always define advanced widgets that will display the given property if you'd really like to get this feature now. Note that CSV export currently shows a bug tracked by NXS-870.

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Just to be clear, the performance issue concerns are with Studio not with Nuxeo DM?

I have created a document with a complex listing of contact information, multiple contacts, for each document and I would like to match an email address on each of the contacts to an email address in an email folder using the complex type query.

Should I flatten by document fields?

If so doesn't the flattening defeat the purpose of complex data types and the complex type queries added to Nuxeo DM V5.5?


We talk about peformance of Nuxeo DM. (Displaying for instance 100 lines of results with complex properties could be expensive for the database, and before having good feedback, we prefer not to expose the feature too "easily". But As Anahide said, you could use an advanced widget.

Regarding the query of the content view, you should be able to do this query: see the NXQL reference page for samples on querying complex properties. And you would use something like "currentDocument.customMailFolderSchema.emailPropertie".