Issue with Translations for Searchresults highilight custom field

Hi Team,

I have followed steps mentioned in the below URL Search with result highlight I have added custom type metadata to fetch in the thumbnail, have added in the following function ( ie:AccountNo)

if (this.searchTerm) { // this.set('params.system_fulltext', this.formatFulltext(this.searchTerm)); this.set('params.system_fulltext', this.searchTerm); this.set('params.highlight', 'ie:AccountNo,dc:title.fulltext,ecm:binarytext,ecm:binarytext.common,dc:description.common,dc:description.fulltext,nxtag:tags.label,note:note.fulltext,'); }

and added following translation in messages.json file “”:“AccountNo”

i'm able to search the account no when entered in the full text search field, but instead of displaying Account No = in the thumbnail its displaying searchResults.sort.field.IE:AccountNo = instead of AccountNo =

Have attached the screenshot for the same. I have cleared cache from tomcat Nuxeo sdk work folder

please let me know if i'm missing any configuration.

Thanks and Regards, Srivathsa K

FILES:   Capture.PNG
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Have you checked the locale uses by your browser? Sometimes your browser is expecting a variant.

To load my labels, I use to hard refresh or use the Clear Cache Chrome extension (you don't need to do anything server side).

More information here

Good luck

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