Adding custom css

I have read the docs here for adding a custom css but I can't quite follow it. I have installed nuxeo 5.6 tomcat for DM. According to the docs

For your project you probably have a custom nuxeo-platform-webapp (for every pictures, icons, custom xhtml…).

but I don't have any such folder to copy the css. I only have this


instead of this(mentioned in the docs.)


Please help me understand clearly regarding adding my own css.


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In the documentation we're talking about the source files. You're talking about the files in the server.

Pictures, css, pages from nxserver/nuxeo.war are coming from the .jar files of nxserver/bundles, based on the sources files. If you put your own CSS directly in the server, the file will be deleted during the next restart of the server. That is why you need to have your own bundle: generate your own .jar file and not lose your changes.

Also in term of maintainability of every project (not only for Nuxeo), don't blend your changes in original files: if you have a problem once, it will be really hard to understand why it's happening and where is the mistake.

So you have several solution:

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