Multiple nuxeo webapps in the same tomcat server

Hi all:

I need to install multiple nuxeo webapps in the same tomcat server. The reason is that I need multiple nuxeo instances in the same server and a tomcat for each nuxeo need too much memory.

The idea is to create multiples static wars from nuxeo and deploy them in tomcat with different context path.

Is that posible? is the best solution?

Thank you in advance,

Miguel Ángel

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I think the best/easiest solution is to install more memory on your server :)

Using multiple static Nuxeo WARs in the same Tomcat may work but it hasn't been tested, there could be some conflicts. In such a case, please give a detailed feedback and fill a Jira issue.

As Florent said, you won't gain a lot of memory. To reduce the whole memory footprint, you will have to move as much third-party libraries as possible from the Nuxeo WARs ($TOMCAT/webapps/nuxeo/WEB-INF/lib/) to $TOMCAT/lib/ in order to put them in a shared classloader.

Note that when using the static Nuxeo WAR, you are loosing some dynamic features (in the Admin Center: hot reload, marketplace management).

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I haven't tried it but it should work, assuming you're using static WARs built according to

However I don't think this will gain you much memory, the memory footprint of Tomcat itself is quite small compared to Nuxeo.

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Thank you for your responses:

As you said I didn't find a solution to do that so the only think is install more memory and use one tomcat in different ports for each nuxeo instance I need :-)

Best regards, Miguel Ángel

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