Locations of all the embedded passwords in Nuxeo

Hi all,

I am an IT admin and we would like to change the passwords for our Nuxeo installation and I am trying to find all the places these are used (these are the “system” passwords, not general user passwords). I have found some but want to make sure I have all the places before testing the change.

Setup: Nuxeo 7.1 on one server and Postgres 9.4 on another.

So far I have found:

1) Postgres database credentials stored in the following xml file to log into Postgres (it seems)


2) same credentials stored in this file (but not sure if this file is generated on server startup?)


3) LDAP user authentication: password stored in this file

 C:\nuxeo\nuxeo-cap-7.10-tomcat\nxserver\config\default-multi-directories-config.xml as tag <bindPassword>

4) Postgres DB: user name for postgres stored in the database

5) the Postgres server is running a service called “postresql-x64-94. – PostgreSQL 9.4 service”; the username and password is masked so not sure what user name is being used (we have the password recorded)

Question: are there any other places where passwords are stored or set that you know of?

Thanks, Albert

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You meant Nuxeo 7.10, not 7.1. What kind of install is it? Debian?

You will find most installation related documentation at https://doc.nuxeo.com/nxdoc/installation/

The configuration is explained at https://doc.nuxeo.com/nxdoc/configuration-parameters-index-nuxeoconf/

All the files under nxserver\config\ are generated, any manual edit will be lost. You have to edit nuxeo.conf or use the nuxeoctl config command. If you need to edit a value which is not parameterized (maybe the bindPassword for instance), then look for its original template under the templates folder.

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