Any time frame for Tomcat 8 support ?

Our customers consider security as a #1 priority, and as such we constantly upgrade our major 3rd parties (including Java/Tomcat/database server/etc) to their latest.

And with regard to Nuxeo, we have attempted to deploy it as a static WAR inside Tomcat 8.5.14 (we have tried with both 8.3 and 9.1 versions of Nuxeo), but it fails to operate properly (I can log in, but the traces show exceptions (see attached file), and e.g. any attempt to navigate anywhere in the workspaces/folders structure fails with a

This page may not be up to date as an other concurrent request is still running. You can refresh the page later.

error popup on the browser and the user left in the same location (landing/home page).

Is there any time frame for when Nuxeo will support Tomcat 8 ?

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Work to support Tomcat 8.5 is planned, see

But for security you don't need to upgrade Tomcat 8.5, which is a major upgrade; you should instead upgrade to the latest minor version including security fixes of the Tomcat used by the Nuxeo instance you have.

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Thank you for your (very quick) reply; Indeed, we agree - minor upgrades will work, but only as long as the Tomcat team back-ports all security fixes to 7, which - as of now - is already 2 major versions behind.