Is it not possible to run all updates without a nuxeo connect account?


We are trialling nuxeo, and have had all sorts of issues especially pertaining to document previewing. In the end, we went back and obtained the VM (5.8 LTS) .. But just as we are about to start testing with that platform, we find that our trial nuxeo connect registration has expired. We thought we could at least continue to test the system using only features and plugins available within the opensource version.

However, we are finding that we are unable to install almost all plugins from the market place as they are failing .. some pretend to install successfully, but a restart shows they have still not installed and probably failed silently .. Most fail to install based on dependencies (see below) ..

Choosing 'manual install mode' does not make any difference whatsoever .. irrespective of whatever is attempted via manual mode, the system just seems to go through some motions (downloading and installing packages) but the requested restarts just confirm that nothing really changed ..

We would have run along with this setup, but we are now getting basic failures (like image imports not working) which we think may be connected to this partial update status of the system ..


  • Is it really not possible to use nuxeo without a nuxeo connect account?

  • If not, how can one apply updates manually ?

  • Looking at the dependencies listed below, why is the system seeming to force me onto a 5.9 based snapshot when I am in 5.8 and have not asked for an upgrade?

Dependency issues ..

Already installed packages that need to be upgraded:


Already downloaded packages that need to be installed:


New packages that need to be downloaded and installed: nuxeo-rest-api-5.9.2-SNAPSHOT

 Dependencies that are already installed on your instance and won't be changed:


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Ok .. my last attempt at manually updating 'Nuxeo DM 5.8.0' has given me a clearer indication in the server.log .. which says:

> 2014-02-07 13:15:41,296 WARN [http-bio-] [org.nuxeo.connect.packages.dependencies.DependencyResolution] Couldn't order [nuxeo-agenda-1.0.1-SNAPSHOT] missing [nuxeo-dm:5.8.0-HF06-SNAPSHOT]. 2014-02-07 13:15:41,315 WARN [http-bio-] [org.nuxeo.connect.packages.dependencies.DependencyResolution] Couldn't order [nuxeo-agenda-1.0.1-SNAPSHOT] missing [nuxeo-dm:5.8.0-HF06-SNAPSHOT]. 2014-02-07 13:24:32,391 ERROR [ConnectDownloadThread-1-1] [org.nuxeo.connect.downloads.LocalDownloadingPackage] Package nuxeo-dm-5.8.0 already exists

So, it does seem as if the problem is with this hotfix 5.8.0-HF06-SNAPSHOT ..

Now, the only place I see this snapshot listed in Nuxeo admin suggests that a nuxeo connect registration is required to install it. So, that confirms my fears that I have now a broken system because my nuxeo connect registration has expired.

Please can someone with more experience/insight confirm this for me .. thanks in advance ..



As said Florent Guillaume, the Connect registration is only required to benefit of some of the Marketplace services such as:

  • LTS (Long Term Support) hotfixes
  • some restricted packages (see USERDOC/Marketplace+addons)
  • dedicated support with very short response time

Beside those non-free services, the source code is open and the artifacts are publicly available. The Nuxeo Connect account is absolutely NOT REQUIRED to use Nuxeo.

Applying updates manually means either stick to the FastTrack version (which is equivalent to the latest LTS + hotfixes + new features), or reading the wanted resolved JIRA issues, build and deploy the source code including the fix, or building a whole distribution from the source code.

The unexpected automatic upgrade with SNAPSHOT packages is a known issue (NXP-13195) fixed in 5.9.1 and included in hotfix 5.8.0-HF02 (manually upgrading the nuxeo-connect-client and nuxeo-launcher would solve the issue).

You don't provide enough details for help, like the output of ./bin/nuxeoctl showconf and the debug output (with -d or -dc org.nuxeo.connect options) of the wanted ./bin/nuxeoctl mp-install command. The SNAPSHOT packages are restricted to registered developers and testers who like or need to live on the edge. Your issue comes from trying to install nuxeo-agenda-1.0.1-SNAPSHOT (and nuxeo-dm-5.8.0-HF06-SNAPSHOT) which you don't need and do not have access to (maybe you downloaded it during the trial duration). What you want and DO HAVE access to is the tested and released package nuxeo-agenda-1.0.0.

Maybe the root cause is the issue (NXP-13195), using the command line will help. When running into issues or misunderstood behavior with the packages, I recommend to use the command line instead of the admin center page: it gives more options, power and comprehension, especially the ability to deactivate the dependencies' constraints between packages and install specific package versions.

Note we plan to improve the Admin Center, making it more obvious that the SNAPSHOT packages are for very specific purpose. They will likely not be displayed anymore unless explicitly asked. The command line tool (nuxeoctl) already excludes them unless a specific option is used.

Hope this will help and give you more confidence. Regards,

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Thanks for that comprehensive answer .. Certainly helps to get some feedback, and insight. I went off this project into other things, and will review the situation today.

Now that I know of 'nuxeoctl showconf', I will provide additional outputs if required ..

Thanks again.


OK, I think I have figured this out.

It seems that without a Nuxeo Connect account, the system conspires to ensure that the opensource user does not successfully run an LTS version, and instead demands all opensource users to be on the fasttracks versions.

It would save people lots of wasted time and frustrations if this were made obvious or clearly stated.

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You're mistaken.

Nuxeo LTS (Long Term Support) hotfixes via Nuxeo Connect is a service we provide that gives registered users very simple updates to the latest hotfix version of Nuxeo. That takes time and resources on our part. We don't think that registering through Nuxeo Connect to get this service is that much of a hurdle (it's free).

Or you can compile and package Nuxeo yourself from the latest sources in the 5.8 LTS branch if you want, this is still open source.