Adding Social Collaboration to SDK v5.6?

I have Nuxeo v5.6 SDK using IDE working with Eclipse Juno.

I wanted to add the Collaboration package to the Nuxeo running under the IDE on Eclipse.

The Nuxeo Collaboration package or hotfixes would not install when the SDK v5.6 tomcat image was running under Eclipse, so I stopped the Eclipse/IDE Nuxeo image and using nuxeoctl started the SDK image without Eclipse. I then installed the Collaboration package on the “stand alone” running Nuxeo 5.6 tomcat SDK image. The install(s) seemed to work ok and I could make message in the Collaboration tab when I logged into the “stand alone” running SDK image.

The next thing I did was stop the “stand alone” SDK image, went into Eclipse and deleted and re-added the SDK image to the Eclipse IDE, then I started the SDK image (this time under Eclipse).

When the SDK image starts I get this error and cannot login.

Questions: What is missing from the SDK setup that causes hibernate to complain about the nxactivites datasource? Should I be able to add packages (hotfixes and others) to Nuxeo SDK?

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When installing the Social Collaboration package, a configuration template is added into $NUXEO_HOME/templates/ and is “activated” in "nuxeo.conf". Since the Nuxeo IDE is not using the same configuration file but "nuxeo-sdk.conf", the social collaboration template will be missing in one or the other, depending if you installed the package from within Eclipse or outside.

You can manually update the property "nuxeo.templates" by editing both configuration files.

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I tried the SDK install again, from the beginning and the installs are working from within Eclipse.

I'm not sure what was “munged” in the orginal SDK unzip image but I am able to update both hotfixes and Collaboration software without issue.

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