Nuxeo IDE deploy doesn't? It just waits and waits!

I installed the Nuxeo IDE on Eclipse Helios. Installation went smoothly. Server starts and I can log into Nuxeo running under Eclipse without a problem. I updated the running server with changes from Studio without an issue.

However, when I try to deploy a simple Plugin Project (Seam Action Bean) or a WebEngine Project the deploy starts without complaint but then never returns or prints and messages in the server log.

I've checked the deployment mapping and everything seems to be in order. I checked the actual Nuxeo log file and nothing out the ordinary appears; I've also reinstalled the IDE on Eclipse. I'm using nuxeo-cap-5.5-tomcat-sdk as the SDK for eclipse. I've also opened port 8000 on my system firewall.

Is there anywhere else I should look or does anyone have a suggestion about what might be wrong?

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Just to clarify, are you running the Nuxeo server in Eclipse?

Nuxeo IDE is generating a dedicated template for running the SDK. Did you started the SDK by hand ? If yes, you should activate that template by setting in your environment the following variable


Can you check also that the profile is correctly activated ? In your SDK, the file conf/Catalina/localhost/nuxeo.xml should contains the line

<Loader className="org.nuxeo.runtime.tomcat.NuxeoWebappLoader"
loaderClass="" />
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Thanks for the detailed response:

I have it working now. I suspect the items you outlined in the previous answer were done when I generated the SDK from the source download of 5.5.0.

At first I downloaded the 5.6.0 source which worked however I could not update my image from Studio because Studio was set for 5.5.0. So I downloaded the v5.5.0 sources, built the SDK per the instructions I was then able to update the running image from Studio and the example actions.

Thanks, again for the help

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Are you sure you don't already have an instance running on your machine apart from the IDE?

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I did have an instance of Nuxeo (non-IDE) running on port 8080 and stopped it when I realized I couldn't log into the IDE based server, after which I could log into the IDE-based Nuxeo register the image and do a Studio update.

I do have another TOMCAT (not Nuxeo) instance running but on port 9096 and I haven't had any issues between my non-IDE Nuxeo image (on port 8080) and the non-Nuxeo instance of TOMCAT both of which I've been using for many months.