Problem with Deploy Bundle on Nuxeo IDE

Hi all!


Can´t make the bundle chemistry work as expected.

Detail all the steps to make this work:

1 - download de SDK 5.7.2.

2 - download the nuxeo chemistry project in github

3 - change to release-5.7.2-I20130724_0116 tag in git.

4 - configure the SDK in my eclipse.

5 - import the projects in eclipse like maven project.

6 - build the project on eclipse.

7 - remove the nuxeo chemistry opencmis jar from nuxeo-cap-5.7.2-tomcat/nxserver/bundles.

alt text

8 - start the Nuxeo Server on Nuxeo IDE (eclipse).

9 - added the bundle on Nuxeo Components Deployment on eclipse.

alt text

10 - reload projects on server.

alt text

11 - try access the cmis url on nuxeo after the server log that is all ok

alt text

12 - Nothing happens.

Please someone help me!

Regards, Rafael Bueno

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When use mvn install and copy the jar file from target folder into nxserver/bundles folder everything works normally, but without the hot deploy benefit.

The nuxeo-chemistry bundles are not designed to be hot-deployable. Keep in mind that hot-deployment is a complex matter, and only implemented for end-user “leaf” bundles that configure themselves entirely through compatible extension points and don't have big interactions with external systems. This is not the case for nuxeo-chemistry, which has to register with JAX-WS and the servlet engine in particular.

If your goal is testing nuxeo-chemistry modification quickly, then you can either bite the bullet and wait for your ~1min server restart, or you can try to connect the debugger to Nuxeo and do dynamic hot-reload of modified methods (this works pretty well if you just modify one method). Or you may look at commercial products like JRebel or others.

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