Extension Point to change a label

I'm just getting started with Nuxeo development and am looking now at working with Extension Points [Nuxeo 5.9.5 with Studio].

The blog posting here seemed like a good place to start. I decided to do a similar exercise where the goal is to change the label on the Workspace/Manage tab for 'Local configuration'. Change it to 'New Local Configuration'.

alt text

I located the Local Configuration tab (TAB_LOCAL_CONFIGURATION) here. It comes from the nuxeo-platform-webapp-core-5.6.jar file.

When I look in that jar file, I see in the Manifest.Mf the following:

Bundle-SymbolicName: org.nuxeo.ecm.webapp.core

Based on that, I created the following XML Extension in Studio:

<component name="org.nuxeo.sample.action.contrib.config.override">
  <extension point="actions" target="org.nuxeo.ecm.platform.actions.ActionService">
      Override the TAB_LOCAL_CONFIGURATION action to change its label.
    <action id="TAB_LOCAL_CONFIGURATION" label="new.tab.local.configuration" />

alt text

Here I defined a new label called new.tab.local.configuration

I wasn't sure where to put this new string. I tried a few things, but the most reasonable seemed to reference it from Studio as a Resource.

So, I created a new file called override.properties containing the following one line:

new.tab.local.configuration=New Local Configuration

And then uploaded that file as an I18 resource:

alt text

But after doing an Update and even then restarting the server manually, I don't see that the string has changed.

On the server, I see that the custom jar file has been updated to include the new properties file in the directory data\i18n and I also see the file in the jar file called extensions.xml has the XML Extension that I configured within Studio.

Is there something else that I need to do, or something that I've done wrong?

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Also note that you must not do a <require> of a bundle's name, but of a Nuxeo component name (the one at the top of the XML file). As mentioned in the Explorer page you linked for the platform actions, in this case it's org.nuxeo.ecm.platform.actions.

The blog article you mention is talking about a <require> in the context of a deployment-fragment.xml, which is a different thing as it controls the order of execution of whole bundles' deployment fragments. This has nothing to do with the order in which components are deployed.

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Thanks Florent and Manon. After changing the <require>, it then identifies the tab that I want to override.

But the instructions in the blog article say the following:

alt text

I must be misunderstanding this – it seems not to be correct, or is this explanation referring to a configuration made without Studio? I was using the Bundle-SymbolicName from the jar file.

I've changed the XML Extension now look like this: alt text

And within Nuxeo DM, I now see a change to the tab, but it isn't picking up the custom string:

alt text

Based on Manon's suggestion, I then renamed my properties file to be “messages_en_US.properties“. That seems to have fixed it. Yay! It appears that I must name my strings file “messages*.properties“. I had thought that it would pick up any properties file.

alt text

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Please don't add as answers things that are not answers, this is not a forum. You should update your existing question or add a comment.

I updated my answer with respect to the &lt;require&gt; part. Also note that the order of deployment of messages properties files is controlled by the bundle fragment, not a single extension component inside a bundle.


When you want to change a label on your application, you have to upload a .properties file as you did but make sure to name it “messages_[COUNTRY].properties”. The file name will not be recognized if it is not properly formatted. You will find the related documentation here: http://doc.nuxeo.com/x/jAM7.

Also, on your XML Extension point I noticed that you put a


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