Tomcat nuxeo server doesn't start with eclipse

Hello, This is realy strange, after working for some time the nuxeo server start command in ecplise doesn't work anymore. Console output: === Starting Nuxeo Server === === Nuxeo Server Started ===

and it happens in a second or so, the server is not running. I've checked: there is no other instances running.

After getting a new eclipse installation it's working again, for some time.

All I'm doing is to deploy a simple plugin bundle with a really basic customization.

What do you think?

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Did you look into the server logs?

There is only console.log file with INFO traces:

2012-07-19 12:50:03,685 INFO  [org.nuxeo.launcher.config.ConfigurationGenerator] Nuxeo home:          <my dir>\target\tomcat
2012-07-19 12:50:03,686 INFO  [org.nuxeo.launcher.config.ConfigurationGenerator] Nuxeo configuration: <my dir>\target\tomcat\bin\nuxeo-sdk.conf
2012-07-19 12:50:03,698 INFO  [org.nuxeo.launcher.config.ConfigurationGenerator] Missing <my dir>\target\tomcat\bin\nuxeo-sdk.conf

it looks like nuxeo eclipse plugin issue: a brand new eclipse + nuxeo IDE installation works perfectly. Also: it doesn't help to uninstall nuxeo IDE plugin, there are still the JARs left and you cannot reinstall Nuxeo IDE anymore on that eclipse.

The issue is the same on Eclipse Helios and Indigo, on a Windows 7 x64 in my case.


Missing &lt;my dir&gt;\target\tomcat\bin\nuxeo-sdk.conf<br> Does the file exists?

What is your version of Nuxeo IDE?

It sounds like an Eclipse+Windows(+Nuxeo IDE?) issue since I couldn't reproduce it with Indigo and Juno under Mac OS X, and uninstall/reinstall works fine too.

Or maybe a file locking issue which breaks nuxeo-sdk.conf in which case it's not a big issue because the next versions of Nuxeo IDE will probably simply rely on existing nuxeo.conf.

If you really think it's an issue we could fix in Nuxeo IDE, please fill a Jira providing as much details and logs as possible.


Thanks Julien.

No, the file nuxeo-sdk.conf doesn't exist anymore. That's the issue in fact, the file simply disappears at some point. My version of Nuxeo IDE is 1.1.8.R11x_v20120711 (the one coming from the eclipse marketplace). I have no logs to provide. The bypass I use is to backup the nuxeo-sdk.conf at it's creation (when setting the SDK in a new eclipse installation the very first time) and then restore it if disappeared. Also, there are some lock file problems to watch. Which is surely a completely different issue but still can cause troubles with a similar external effects.

I think I'll give a try using Nuxeo IDE on a linux installation to hopefully get rid of these issues.

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Thanks for the feedback. I'm sure using Linux will greatly improve your experience but since you have/had an environment where you can reproduce some specific issue(s), please take some time to fill Jira issues so that we can investigate and solve them for those who are sticked to a Windows environment. Regards.