New plugin project and maven dependencies

I'm trying to create a plugin project, and I'm having trouble understanding how maven dependencies are supposed to work. My IDE is Eclipse Kepler with the Nuxeo IDE modules installed. I have Maven 3.2.1 installed and Eclipse is set to use that. I'm using the Nuxeo SDK v5.9.2.

I've created a new plugin project through the project wizard. Then I've added some code to project, including for example some test cases which use org.nuxeo.runtime.test.runner.FeaturesRunner. those classes aren't in the SDK, so I've added a maven dependency:


However, the project's eclipse build path doesn't include maven dependencies, so Eclipse still flags classes like FeaturesRunner as missing.

I'm not sure how best to proceed here:

  • Nuxeo's own plugin projects seem to have individual library dependencies on files in the Maven repo.
  • Properties->Build Path->Libraries->Add Library… has an option to add maven managed dependencies, but it doesn't actually do anything.
  • I could also right-click on the project and select Configure->Convert to Maven Project. I previously tried this, and it added maven dependencies to the build path. But it also added the maven builder to the builder list, which caused other problems.

Could you clarify what I should do here?

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This is a known issue, consequence of our Maven 3 migration since 5.8. The fix is in progress.

Waiting for it, you can add manually dependencies you need by “Preferences -> Nuxeo -> User Libraries” and add different jars to resolve it.

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