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which is for 5.6 to 5.7 and has a warning “This page is a work in progress.” – I want directions to upgrade 5.7.1. to 5.7.2

so far I've just done “blow it away and re-install” but I want to upgrade this time. Do I just have to dig through the 5.7.1 directories and find all the files I've manually added or changed? Is there a way to set up a NUXEO_HOME and NUXEO_BASE like with tomcat or solr?

Is the postgresQL schema the same between 5.7.1 and 5.7.2?

In Studio, I can find “Nuxeo Platform 5.7.1” and “Nuxeo Platform 5.7.2 [DEV]” – I'm assuming the I should use the 5.7.2 even though it still says [DEV].


I kept getting this error:

Moving /apps/nuxeo/nuxeo-cap-5.7.2-tomcat/nxserver/data/instance.clid to /nuxeo/nuxeo_home/nxserver/data.
Could not run configuration: Move failed.

so I removed /nuxeo/nuxeo_home/nxserver/data/instance.clid and I could start things up.

Then I copied over my shibboleth stuff; but now I'm stuck trying to get the new DAM

./nuxeo/bin/nuxeoctl mp-install nuxeo-dam

org.nuxeo.connect.update.PackageException: Package nuxeo-dam-5.7.1 is not available on platform version cap-5.7.2 (relax is not allowed)

./nuxeo/bin/nuxeoctl mp-add nuxeo-dam

Downloading [nuxeo-dam-5.7.2]...
Adding nuxeo-dam-5.7.2
org.nuxeo.connect.update.PackageException: Invalid package - no package.xml file found in package nuxeo-dam-5.7.2--738033160


getting a new error message today:

./nuxeo/bin/nuxeoctl mp-add nuxeo-dam

 * download (nuxeo-dam-5.7.2)
    Download failed for nuxeo-dam-5.7.2. Package not found (404).

Somehow pointing at the old data directory seems to make nuxeo confused about what version it is and what parts are installed.

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You went to the right upgrade instructions page (ADMINDOC/Upgrade+from+5.6+to+5.7). It's a “work in progress” because the page will continue to evolve until the release of the latest 5.7.x Fast Track.
For each version, you have a link to the brut JIRA listing of upgrade notes, per issue. In addition, the most important changes are also detailed in that page.

The generic upgrade procedure is explained in the mother page (ADMINDOC/How+to+upgrade+Nuxeo), briefly:

  • backup,
  • stop the old Nuxeo,
  • deploy the new distribution,
  • update environment variables (NUXEO_HOME and NUXEO_CONF) to make it use your custom configuration, database and data directory,
  • run “nuxeoctl mp-reset
  • start the new Nuxeo.

Why do you ask about the PostgreSQL schema? Do you have a specific usage which requires some manual action on the database? If not, this is automatically managed by Nuxeo and exception cases are explained in the upgrade notes.

There was an issue with the publication of nuxeo-dam. It is now fixed; thanks for the report!
Note running the wizard or “nuxeoctl mp-init” initializes the local cache with a few Marketplace packages (nuxeo-dm, nuxeo-dam and nuxeo-social-collaboration).

About Shibboleth, you should use a configuration template instead of manually copying files into the server structure. Also, don't hesitate to ask for a Marketplace packages release when it is not available for a supported Nuxeo version.

About Studio, you're right. It will always point at the latest Fast Track. The “[DEV]” keyword is confusing and may be changed soon.


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"Why do you ask about the PostgreSQL schema?" it was my first upgrade, I don't know if the schema changes for minor versions. – I could not make heads nor tails of the JIRA's – what is a configuration template?

The schema changes very often but you usually don't have to care about it.




okay, this is sort of ghetto, but it makes me want to vouge

  1. shut down nuxeo 5.7.1
  2. copy the nuxeo-cap-5.7.1-tomcat/nxserver/data/ directory some someplace (say ~/nuxeo_home/nxserver/data)
  3. remove or rename the file ~/nuxeo_home/nxserver/data/instance.clid (if ~/nuxeo_home/nxserver/data/ is your data directory from 5.7.1)
  4. unzip 5.7.2 and start it up
  5. run through the wizard; use the path from step 2 as the location of the data directory; use the same postgres database as 5.7.1, and make sure to select the DAM module for install
  6. stop the 5.7.2 server
  7. if you are using shibboleth, manually place in your shibboleth jar from maven into nxserver/bundle and shibboleth-login-config.xml into nxserver/config
  8. here is the vodou ./nuxeo-cap-5.7.2-tomcat/bin/nuxeoctl mp-install nuxeo-dam-5.7.2
Detected Tomcat server.
Nuxeo home:          /apps/nuxeo/nuxeo-cap-5.7.2-tomcat
Nuxeo configuration: /apps/nuxeo/nuxeo-cap-5.7.2-tomcat/bin/nuxeo.conf
Include template: /apps/nuxeo/nuxeo-cap-5.7.2-tomcat/templates/common-base
Include template: /apps/nuxeo/nuxeo-cap-5.7.2-tomcat/templates/common
Include template: /apps/nuxeo/nuxeo-cap-5.7.2-tomcat/templates/postgresql
Missing mapping for nuxeo-cmf with target platform cap-5.7.2
Missing mapping for nuxeo-cmf with target platform cap-5.7.2
Missing mapping for nuxeo-cmf with target platform cap-5.7.2
Missing mapping for nuxeo-cmf with target platform cap-5.7.2
Dependency resolution:
  Installation order: nuxeo-dm-5.7.2/nuxeo-dam-5.7.2
  Packages to upgrade: nuxeo-dm:5.7.1, nuxeo-dam:5.7.1
Do you want to continue (yes/no)? [yes] yes
Missing mapping for nuxeo-cmf with target platform cap-5.7.2
Missing mapping for nuxeo-cmf with target platform cap-5.7.2
Missing mapping for nuxeo-cmf with target platform cap-5.7.2
Missing mapping for nuxeo-cmf with target platform cap-5.7.2
Uninstalling nuxeo-dm-5.7.1
Uninstalling nuxeo-dam-5.7.1
Detected Tomcat server.
Installing nuxeo-dm-5.7.2
Installing nuxeo-dam-5.7.2
Detected Tomcat server.

Then you should be able to run ./bin/nuxeoctl start and all your content and shibboleth stuff from 5.7.1 will show up in 5.7.2

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