How can I download public Marketplace add-ons (e.g. Nuxeo DAM PDF Export)?

Hi All,

I'm a little confused on how to download public packages from the Marketplace. Taking for example the Nuxeo DAM PDF Export add-on for Nuxeo 6.0, the documentation states that it's pubic (

When selecting the 1.4.0 Target platforms : cap-6.0, cap-6.0-HF package for download from the add-on's Marketplace page ( and clicking on the Download link at the right-hand side, I'm instead prompted with a 401 error for Marketplace credentials – which doesn't quite meet my understanding of public access.

How is this supposed to work exactly?

Cheers, Dave

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Bump – anyone?

Cheers, Dave



Indeed, that is a known issue (ref NXCONNECT-523).

For now, you can use one of the following solutions:

  • Use the “Install” button.
  • Download/install from the Admin Center.
  • Download/install from the command line with “./bin/nuxeoctl [mp-add|mp-install] nuxeo-dam-pdf-export“.

If you need to download it in order to deploy on an offline server, you can use one of the above solutions with an online-connected server and transfer (zipped or expanded) the content of “$NUXEO_HOME/packages/store/nuxeo-dam-pdf-export-*/“. Then, you will be able to import it on an offline server with “./bin/nuxeoctl mp-add“.

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Hi Julien, thanks very much for the response. I'll try these and see.

Cheers, Dave


Hi Julien,

The first method prompts me for the address of my local Nuxeo server, then fails with a message in the Nuxeo admin centre advising the package could not be found:

I'm assuming workaround two depends on an active Connect account (unless I'm mistaken there's no apparent way to obtain it from the Nuxeo server's admin centre otherwise), as does method three? When you say "…online-connected server", do you mean a server with an Nuxeo Connect account?

Cheers, Dave


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Thanks for replying, but that in no way explains the disconnect between the public-facing, end user, non-developer documentation and what I'm actually seeing. (At any rate, the link doesn't seem to load for me.)

Cheers, Dave