File nuxeo.xml is not updated if server is restarted from browser or from windows services

When I restart the server with the start .bat, nuxeo.xml is updated with new features that I wrote in admin center, but if I restart the server from browser (admin center) OR from window services (I have installed nuxeo as windows service with your guide: ) … why?

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There's no start.bat script. Did you mean Start Nuxeo.bat? It cannot be used for a restart. It's only a convenient shortcut to nuxeoctl.bat start.

nuxeo.xml comes from the templates. If it's not updated in some cases, that could mean:

  • the restart didn't happen
  • the nuxeoctl configure command (deploying the template) failed
  • the file was locked by some process and couldn't be changed.

Try to investigate a little more and provide some debug information. Cheers.

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