Windows Installer: how to change default data folder

I use Windows Installer (5.8) to get Nuxeo run on Windows Server 2008. It allows choosing the app folder (containing tomcat and app) but automatically store data in C:/ProgramData/Nuxeo without any chance to change that. The prolem is the C: drive is for operating system and applications, and not ideally to store data because its capacity is not high while Nuxeo is supposed to store a lot of data, files…

Is there anyway to choose data folder to be put in other drive right from installation process?

After installation, I try to move data folder to other drives with Admin panel. Yes the data now stored in other place but I think that there are still many things working with files in C:/ProgramData/Nuxeo. Is there any way to totally move things out of C:/ProgramData/Nuxeo to folder on other drive?

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Thank you for your reply. I follow the instruction in the link above. In Admin Center I do the following:

  • Change "Configuration file" to "D:/AROMA/nuxeowin-postgre/conf/nuxeo.conf"
  • Change "Data directory" to "D:/AROMA/nuxeowin-postgre/nuxeodata"
  • Change "Log directory" to "D:/AROMA/nuxeowin-postgre/nuxeologs" Previously those files and folder are put in C:/ProgramData (on WIndows Server 2008) automatically when I use Windows Installer.

After making changes in Admin Center like that, I tried to rename the C:/ProgramData/Nuxeo to C:/ProgramData/_Nuxeo to cut the connection with the defaul data folder with first installation.

Then I restart the nuxeo and i coundn't start and I think because it cannot find nuxeo.conf file. I follow the intruction in the link, to change the Environment variable NUXEO_CONF to D:/AROMA/nuxeowin-postgre/conf/nuxeo.conf (cannot find registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\%PRODNAME%\ConfigFile with %PRODNAME% equals to "Nuxeo")

Then I start the nuxeo. Now it can start and I can acccess the login page, can log in to the nuxeo plaform (I have not interact deep inside the platform so I don't know whether there's problems inside or not). But there's one thing: In the Nuxeo Control Panel I see a RED ALERT (red ussually signals something problem):

"An error was detected during startup = Component Loading Status: Pending: 0/Unstarted: 0/ Total: 703"

It's in red, it says error detected, but it lists "Pending: 0/Unstarted: 0".

Could you please tell me if there's any problem here?

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Regarding the Nuxeo/ConfigFile key in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software, it may be under "Wow6432Node" (this is a subset of the registry exposed to 32bit applications on 64bit systems).

Regarding the error you're getting: it may be totally unrelated, but I notice you didn't mention changing the nuxeo.tmp.dir - maybe one of the services couldn't generate a temporary file?