Local folder monitoring and automatic upload to server.

Hi !

I want to keep a folder of my local machine syncronized with nuxeo. I know there is the nuxeo drive addon however I am not sure its behavoiur will fit my need.

What I want is to upload only the NEW FILES on my local folder TO the nuxeo server. I do not need to have the files on the server synchronized back to my local folder.

The rationale behind this is that I have a folder where I dump all of my original digital assets (photo, video, graphic files etc … ) where they stay untouched. I would like these new files to automatically be uploaded to nuxeo but I dont want the originals to be modified if the file on the server gets modified.

Is that possbile in any way ? Either with nuxeo drive plugin or in any other way (REST ?) ?

Thank you for your replies.

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WebDav may suit your needs. See: http://doc.nuxeo.com/display/public/NXDOC/WebDAV However that still does not accommodate for an out of sync local-copy and server-copy, as everything is managed on the server. I doubt if you can do this out of the box. I think either you should write your own filemonitoring/commiting daemon or consider using 2 “local” directories. One with originals and one with files which need to be stored. For the later you can consider WebDAV or NuxeoDrive. To put it simple: a directory with a temporary/working modus operandi is not entirely in line with a versioning system unless you are ok with intermediate versions being automatically stored. It sounds a bit counter-intuitive to store and keep originals on a local disk. Both from a versioning point of view as well as a storage and backup point of view.

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