How to specify a version evolution when updating a document using the drive


I have been able to configure a FileImporter so as to let the Drive know about my specific document type:

As an example, if I put the file into the Drive space (using a Windows machine), my FileImporter is tought to create a document AAA of type MyType into the workspace.

This works well!

Now I want to change my file locally. If I update the Nuxeo Drive, how can I:

  • modify the AAA document (instead of re-creating it) ?
  • specify the version strategy (eg. incrementing the minor version id) ?

Thanks for any hint.

Regards Christian Arnault

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I have added the versioning policy to the FileManager extension

<component name=""> <extension target="org.nuxeo.ecm.platform.filemanager.service.FileManagerService"

&lt;plugin name=&quot;CAFileImporter&quot; class=&quot;;
        enable=&quot;true&quot; order=&quot;1&quot;&gt;


</extension> </component>

But still no versionning happens

[note that my create action in my CAFileImporter does create the proper document type]