Error in updating a PDF file using Drive


I have configured a home made FileImporter so as to import (using the Drive) the files with extension *.pdf as a specific type (named CaDoc) derived from the Document type.

basically this works. However, I get an error:

Error code 4 return by command: cmd /C convert -strip -thumbnail “280x280” -background transparent -gravity center -format png -quality 75 “C:\Install\nuxeo-cap-5.7.3-tomcat-sdk\nxserver\data\binaries\data\8e\36\8e36942d50bdfde6f1bfbaf40c319870”[0] “C:\Install\nuxeo-cap-5.7.3-tomcat-sdk\tmp\nuxeoImageTarget6153525053604860922.png” Param�tre non valide - -thumbnail

(this is on a Windows 7 machine)

Any idea on the meaning?

Regards Christian Arnault

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I think this is not Drive related, you might want to take a closer look at the convert command that is executed and fails with error code 4. I think if you launch it on your pdf file in a terminal you will be bale to reproduce.

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Thanks. Ok indeed I see that the command shown in the error message is not correct.

So my question is rather: how to modify the Nuxeo configuration for this command on a Windows machine ?

Or, another way to rephrase: I don't see any such a "convert" command available in my Windows machine (it looks like the command which is tried is THE Unix flavour of the convert command!!!) Thus I think that the "convert" command in NOT correctly specified for Nuxeo on my machine Windows!!

Thanks anyway for your help

Regards Christian


convert is part of ImageMagick. Please see Installing and Setting up Related Software for details.