Overwritten template has no effect

Hi, For a school project we had to extend Nuxeo with a simple feature. Therefore I needed to modify the layouts/layout_default_template.xhtml. I bundled my changes, started my local instance of Nuxeo from Eclipse and voila, it works perfectly.

Now I wanted to transfer my jar to a remote server we have to use for this project. So I took my jar, scp-ed it to the server, saved it in the nxserver/plugins folder and rebooted. Now Nuxeo shows the plugin available in http://

I did everything as described here: http://dev.blogs.nuxeo.com/2012/03/qa-friday-change-nuxeo-platform-footer-links-studio.html and used the same deployment descriptor.

Any idea where i might have gone wrong?

Thanks, Simon

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You can try to check if this is a deployment ordering issue, adding “” to you deployment-fragment.xml file as this is the Nuxeo bundle holding the original file.

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Thanks a lot, that seems to have done the trick!