How to customize the sidebar on the Workspace tab?


I am using Nuxeo Platform 6.0, and I am trying to add content to the blue sidebar that it is displayed on the “Workspace” tab (the sidebar where it shows the Sections and Workspaces tree, the Worklist and the Clipboard). I have changed the footer content using the Nuxeo IDE and overriding the default template (by following this “howto”:, but I can't find which is the template I have to override to change the sidebar. I have tried searching everywhere, but nothing.

Can somebody point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance, Ibai.

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The UI development mode could help, see

The “explorer” part is handled by actions, so XML contributions to extension points should be enough for customizations.

The “clipboard” part is relying on contributions to document lists for category “CLIPBOARD”. If you'd like to change the rendering, the template is at /incl/user_clipboard.xhtml

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Hi Anahide, thank you for the quick reply :)

If I have understood well, you have told me how to add new elements to the explorer part and the clipboard part. It is not what I need right now but it will be very useful to me in the future. I have done a quick test adding a new action under the Import button and it worked.

But what I needed was to add another “part” under the clipboard. Anyway, I think that I have found where this is done while I was doing the test to add the new action. I have seen that I have to add a new “fragment” element in the theme and then register a new view with the content. I haven't tried this yet, but I hope it will work!

Thank you very much!

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