My new MAIN_TAB is stuck in an undesired state

I have created a new main tab similar to what is done with the Admin Center. This tab include content view for different things and those content views include link to documents. What bugs me is that when I client on a document link, the document is displayed in the regular document view but the tab I have created stays active. I have no idea how to get link to open in the document view and activate the Document Management tab in the process. This is a problem because my plugin has to have a behavior that is different when my new tab is selected.

I have dabbled with urlPattern and documentViewCodec extensions but I don't fully understand how those extensions work or if they can be used to solve my problem. My urlPattern and documentViewCodec extensions are the same or very close to what the admin center is using.

I'm already looking for alternate approach but before I decide to implement anything new I would like to know if it's possible to stick to the behavior I explained and make it work.

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Hi, Main tabs management is working as is, but it needs some improvements to handle gracefully all the navigation use cases it generates. See this jira ticket for progress about it.

Currently, a default document link will have no impact on the selected main tab. You can force it by having something like “tabIds=MAIN_TABS%3Adocuments” to the link, but this is not easily customizable for now.

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Turns out this is exactly the solution I implemented but it required overriding some layouts and JSF templates which I would rather not have overriden. Improvements on this would be welcome.

Ok, can you tell us what you had to override so we have your use cases (what layout in what page, what template) ? Thanks